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File Manager Tool 1.2.0 released

After a busy spring and summer with a lot of client projects the File Manager Tool development has been a bit slow but now I've finally had time to finish my long planned release of zip functionality inside File Manager Tool. It's foremost the batch zip functionality that I myself longed for. The idea for this came from managing MS SQL Servers using the standard backup functionality that creates a lot of bak-files sorted into folders named after the database. Having these bak files I use File Manager Tool and just search the backup folder for bak-files and then use the batch zip function to compress these files in one operation to save up on disk space. Hope you'll find it useful managing your systems.

Other changes is that a shortcut to File Manager Tool is created on the context menu for folders in Windows Explorer, so now you'll have instant access to search a folder hierachy using File Manager Tool. Please note that this comes from the MSI installer package, so please run the setup on every machine where you want to use File Manager Tool, the context menu will not appear if you just copy the binaries to another server.

On another note File Manager Tool received an Editors choice award from which is one of the dowloadsites where you can find File Manager Tool for downloading. It's always nice that your work is appreciated. Thanks to

File Manager Tool Editor's Choice
Written by Markus Thorén at 18:28
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