File Manager Tool



Parallell folder search

With File Manager Tool you can search completely separate folder structures with one search.


Search files and folders separately in the same search

Enter different criteria for searching files and folder, e.g search for iso-files that is stored in folders that contains the word "movies".


Include files or folders in search results by simple clicks

Filter your search results simply by using checkboxes.


Choose to only return results to a certain folder depth

You can choose to only return results at a certain folder hierarchy depth to receive summaries for the total disk space that is used for the underlying folder structure.


Basic file and folder operations

You can of course perform standard file and folder operations like move and delete. Double click files in the search results and they are opened just like in Windows Explorer.

File compression

Compress your search results into a single zip file or create individual zip-files for each search result in one operation using the batch zip functionality. 

It's free

It doesn't matter if you use it File Manager Tool to sort your MP3 library at home or use it to monitor disk space usage on the file servers at work. File Manager Tool is always free.

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